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Did you know there are hundreds of start-ups that are created each month? About 50% of them will fail in the first four years as a small business. Statistics shows that: 

  • 82% of most funds for start-ups and small businesses are derived from the entrepreneur him/herself, or family and friends
  • 77% of small business rely on personal savings,
  • 40% of small businesses are profitable,
  • 30% break even, and
  • 30% continually losing money. 

The problems are lack of funds, management, and a business plan.  We help connect you to the team that can put you back on track and get you connected with the right investor, that will be willing to fund your business or project, help you manage it as well, and come up with a strategic plan.

We specialize in many Industries including Real Estate, Energy and Technology. We assist entrepreneurs by developing methods for growth and security within these key areas:

  • Funding Facilitation
  • Business Plan or Case Development
  • Aid for Mergers & Acquisition
  • Business & Sales Development
  • Geographical Expansion
  • Strategic planning and modeling
  • Team Development
  • Management (Project management, Startup, Shut Down and Commissioning)


  • Our mandate is to recognize and identify the communication gap between clients, stakeholders, investors, shareholders, executives and management. We develop a strong business life cycle to allow growth. We take strategic organic approach to reduce risk to ensure lucrative rate of return.

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