Group ICM (formerly Group 2020) has strategically aligned with some of the best companies in the industry across the country being able to offer a true one stop solution that has allowed us to provide Engineering & Design right through to Commissioning of any sized project in any industry. Large companies try to take on all scopes, but as we all know one company cannot be the best in every scope on a project. Group ICM (formerly Group 2020) thinking outside the box truly wants to be that one stop shop and the best in every scope. With aligning companies with Group ICM (formerly Group 2020) as well buying into companies throughout Canada and the USA, we have each company in our group that has proven itself in the industry bringing projects in safely and on schedule being one of the best assembled groups in the industry. We offer a one stop solution allowing your site management to make one call for any service they may need at that time knowing the rates are always competitive saving our clients 15%-20%. You will always jut have one company to deal with and receive one invoice.

Our focus is getting things right the first time! We believe there may be several ways to manage a project, but we take seriously our quality. Ultimately there is only one way to achieve quality work: ensuring that the work is planned and managed so that it can be executed in strict compliance with industry standards and all clients’ requirements, whether those are expressed or implied. We have a wide array of tools available to help meet these requirements.

Our clients are not only involved in approving Inspection & Test Plans; they are also encouraged to add their specific requirements and hold points. We involve our sub-contractors in our quality management protocols, ensuring they too meet the highest standards. While our quality policies and processes are developed at the senior management level, they are implemented by all levels of management and embraced as values by all employees. Quality is an important part of the culture throughout Group ICM (formerly Group 2020).

Whether your company is a union site requirement or an Indigenous required site, we have the options that will fit your requirements.

Indigenous Construction and Maintenance Alliance Group
Union Construction Alliance Group

We also give solutions to our clients like extended payment plans, profit sharing or alliance plans, as well as financing projects.

Your Project. Our Expertise.