Field Erected Tanks

New Above Ground Steel Storage Tanks

Various tank and roof construction capabilities including open top external floating roof tanks, self-supporting roof tanks, supported cone roof tanks, dome roof tanks, internal floating roof tanks, and umbrella roof tanks. Floating roofs include pontoon external floating roofs, reverse slope internal floating roofs, internal pan floating roofs, double deck floating roofs, and internal bulk headed pan floating roofs.


Specialized Fabrication

Customized fabrication to suite our clients’ needs including annular plates for bottoms, nozzles, manways, clean-out, shell, bottom and roof plates, stairways/self-leveling stair treads, doors, fire suppression foam piping systems, rolling ladders, floating suction lines, and handrails.


Tank Maintenance & Repair

Full tank maintenance and repair including work on sumps, secondary containment/leak detection, liners and replacement liners, tank bottom repair/replacement, roof structure repair/replacement, jacking and leveling, tank relocation, fittings & appurtenances, and various shell modifications.


Floating Roof Seals

Full capability in floating roof seals including primary seals for welded/riveted tanks, wiper seals for internal floating roof tanks (IFRT), floating roof leg socks, secondary seals for welded/riveted tanks, replacement seal parts, socks for slotted gauge poles, shoe seal for internal floating roof tanks, vapor barrier fabrics & suppression sleeves.

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