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Our Expertise and Services

Team members are trained, certified and experienced HVAC professionals. Our staff is consistently improving through experience and education, which is why we’re able to provide top quality service across Canada. Team members with cross-industry experience, serving small-scale to large-scale customers. It’s not the size of the project; it’s the intricacies that each project requires. Our team uses experience and resources gained from projects across multiple industries which enables us to produce creative, efficient and effective solutions. Team members with extensive, multi-disciplinary training and cross-trained HVAC experience for providing complete HVAC field solutions. It’s our team members’ skill range, which makes us stand out in our field. We see the value in every operational detail and work to ensure that your HVAC systems are reliable and trustworthy. Team members who are adaptable and flexible to meet the needs of every project, no matter how unique or complex. Every project has its challenges, and our commitment is to provide you with feasible solutions that work for your company size and needs.

Integrated Solutions

Full-Service Project Management

Group ICM (formerly Group 2020) is with you, every step of the way. When our Project Management Personnel joins your team, you have access to scalable solutions that are suited to the size and scope of your project. With Group ICM (formerly Group 2020), you can rely on:

Knowledgeable Recommendations

Our Project Management Personnel advise and provide solutions for construction management professionals, project principals as well as operational staff and maintenance personnel, in order to educate all members of your team. It’s this thorough transfer of knowledge that ensures not only successful installation and start-up execution but also ongoing operational success.

Coordination and Communication

Our Project Management Personnel work in close collaboration with manufacturers and engineering firms to help prepare, provide and sign off on static & dynamic commissioning documents (SCDs, DCDs). These relationships with suppliers and our thorough industry knowledge translate to a successful equipment start-up execution. Effective start-up.Our Project Management Personnel has experience in the particulars of installation, start-up, commissioning and warranty procedures of each piece of HVAC equipment.

Support and Coordination

Our Project Management Personnel provides onsite office support in the field to ensure all aspects of your equipment installation and start-up are successful.

Continuous Execution

Our Project Management Personnel oversees the ongoing management of your HVAC system, including system parts and purchasing.

Operational Advantage

Start-up Execution Services

The synergy between installation and start-up is critical for a functional HVAC system. At Group ICM (formerly Group 2020), we follow up our installation services with efficient start-up implementation, ensuring your HVAC system runs smoothly. Our Execution Team will provide: An Equipment Audit, which includes a complete inspect of your HVAC system and confirmation of the validity of the installed equipment
Open Communication. Our team will liaise with your construction management team and commissioning technical personnel to ensure you are consistently updated and informed. Start-up Coordination and Execution:

  • HVAC equipment and HVAC controls, which includes building automation systems (BAS)
  • Test and start-up plant control systems and fire and gas systems for readiness
  • Carry out static and dynamic commissioning
  • Identify, troubleshoot and resolve issues with HVAC systems
  • Ensure all third-party building HVAC equipment is functioning as specified and designed
  • Create and execute custom maintenance programs unique to your project

In addition to our Start-Up Execution Services, we offer a host of ancillary services to meet all of your HVAC needs.

Additional Services

  • Testing, adjusting and air balancing of HVAC systems and complete documentation and reporting relevant to that.
  • A final report document for onsite operations & maintenance teams for thorough transfer of knowledge.
  • Schedule and execute routine HVAC systems training with operations & maintenance teams

Our customized solutions mean long-lasting HVAC systems. By creating a tailored plan for your project, you’ll see improved systems efficiency and long-term operational success. Allow the HVAC professionals at Group ICM (formerly Group 2020) to create a customized solution for your project.

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