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Group ICM (formerly Group 2020) looks to collaborate with their customers at the start of the project to determine the optimal foundation solution. We provide a turn-key solution for foundation projects from design and conception through to construction and turnover. Our experienced management, diverse fleet of equipment and in-house engineering and fabrication enable us to execute a solution for any type of piling project.

We have engineered helical screw piles and helical pier systems that can be installed to support any structure that requires a solid footing. They can also be used as underpinning to reinforce existing structures that need additional support because of shifting foundations or increased loads due to additions or renovations. Screw piles are ever increasing in popularity and in a variety of various applications. Popular applications of helical piles are for deck piles, cabin foundations, manufactured homes, school portables, telecommunication towers, streetlights, highway signs, oilfield equipment, power transmission structures and much more.

Some of the primary reasons for using screw piles or helical pier systems as they are also commonly referred to is in the simplicity and quality of the product. The most popular advantages we hear in feedback from our clients is the ability to install the screw piles with no excavation and no concrete curing time resulting in a very quick installation process. Screw piles are also removable and reusable resulting in incredible flexibility for various projects. Screw piles can be installed in any weather and year-round as well as the loads are able to be applied immediately. For each screw pile in the helical pier systems, the installation is torque-monitored to get the perfect match each time.

There is no more questioning whether the screw piles have gone to the correct depth or not as each one is individually assessed and installed to our engineer’s standards. Our screw piles systems can also come with custom engineered designs and stamped drawings all performed by our in-house engineer.

Whether it be in a residential, commercial or industrial setting screw piles are quickly becoming the standard and the method of choice. Experience the world of difference having an engineer create your helical pier systems and the hassle-free approach of using screw piles.

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