Rope Access Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair Services

Group ICM (formerly Group 2020) offers a comprehensive range of inspection, maintenance and repair services utilizing ropes access techniques. We deliver cost effective and efficient management of our multi-disciplined, internationally experienced personnel. Group ICM (formerly Group 2020) serves the energy, civil, marine and geotechnical sectors, and proudly operate in North America, the Middle East, India, West Africa, Central Asia and Southeast Asia. Group ICM (formerly Group 2020) is pleased to introduce its first office in Edmonton, Alberta from which we may better serve our clients in Western Canada.

Oil and Gas Sector

Group ICM (formerly Group 2020) serves a growing global client base in the upstream and downstream segments. Group ICM (formerly Group 2020) tailors its range of industrial rope access services to meet client demands for excellence in safety, quality and productivity in order to reach areas previously considered inaccessible or too costly per traditional means. Our skilled technicians competently perform inspections, surveys, maintenance and repairs listed below:

  • NDT inspections (UT, MT, PT, ECI, TOFD, ACFM, LRUT, GUL)
  • Derrick inspections, maintenance, repair and assembly
  • Dropped object surveys (DROPS)
  • Restricted access and confined space entry
  • Lifting gears surveys and inspections
  • Vessel condition and class surveys (ABS & BV)
  • Shutdown and turnaround inspection services
  • Remote imaging (CCTV)
  • Difficult access plant and piping inspections
  • Restricted access and confined space entry
  • Lifting gears surveys and inspections
  • Shipyard and offloading facilities
  • Flare tip and flare line inspections, flare tip to splash zone maintenance and repair
  • Stack and chimney inspections
  • Heli deck remedial repairs
  • Cathodic protection maintenance and repair
  • Steel renewals and bolt tensioning
  • Blasting, coating and painting
  • Marine standard coating and sealant application
  • Fabrication works
  • Insulation works
  • Electrical installations
  • Mechanical and engineering support
  • Demolishing and decommissioning
  • Piping composite repair systems

Wind Sector

Group ICM (formerly Group 2020) delivers a comprehensive range of wind turbine services. Our access solutions ensure that operational downtime in this demanding environment is minimized or avoided completely. Group ICM (formerly Group 2020) services are typically non-intrusive, allowing inspection, maintenance, and repair programs to be coordinated concurrently, resulting in minimal interference to the structure and operations.

Our technicians perform the blade and tower inspections, maintenance and repairs listed below:

  • Construction assembly support
  • Inspection and installation of lightning protection systems
  • Blade protection and aerodynamic systems (leading edge tape, stall strips, vortex generators, etc.)
  • Internal and external inspection and cleaning
  • Laminate and coating repair
  • Torque testing and replacement of landing bolts
  • Installation, maintenance and inspection of fall arrest systems

Civil Sector

Group ICM (formerly Group 2020)’s experience across the spectrum of civil infrastructure is broad, from multi-story buildings to bridges and power stations. Our expertise in rope access and combination access methods allow the delivery of a range of turnkey solutions that are normally non-intrusive and result in minimal interference to operations, occupants and the public. Group ICM (formerly Group 2020) provides safe and rapid access to multi-story buildings, bridges and motorways, communication installations, mast, tower and exhaust stacks, hydro storage and delivery facilities, port loading facilities and jetties, conventional power generation facilities, cableways and suspended systems and historic monuments and heritage buildings.

Our technicians perform the inspections, maintenance and repairs listed below:

  • Complete facade repair and retrofits
  • Sealant applications
  • Blasting & Painting
  • Bolt Tensioning
  • Substrate repairs and reinforcing
  • Electrical fitting and wiring
  • AWL and lighting protection
  • Mechanical and engineering support
  • Industrial cleaning
  • HVAC ducting
  • Structural component fabrication and installation
  • Technical glazing installations
  • Integrated lighting installations
  • Mechanical and engineering support
  • Mega format multimedia installations
  • Telecommunications towers and systems installs
  • Height safety systems design and install
  • Demolition and decommissioning

Marine Sector

Group ICM (formerly Group 2020) serves a growing global client base in the marine sector. Inspection and survey work include vessel condition and class survey (ABS & BV), shipyard and offloading facilities inspection, and restricted access and confined space entry.

Geotechnical Sector

Group ICM (formerly Group 2020) provides turnkey geotechnical solutions to steep slopes and rock faces. Coupled with our expertise in industrial rope access services, Group ICM (formerly Group 2020) delivers a range of proprietary and purpose-built site-specific solutions. Areas where rope services can be utilized in the field of geotechnical remediation include rail and road systems, viaducts and dam systems, hydroelectric projects, open cut and underground mines, and exposed, friable or unstable face.

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