Fire Safety


We will meet your emergency equipment needs – intrusion detection, CCTV, exit signs, sprinklers, extinguishers and monitoring – in a timely and professional manner. We carry the most commonly required parts right in our service vehicles, so we can often replace or repair defective components on the spot.

Our service technicians are factory-trained and have field experience, and they stay sharp and current with frequent retraining. Our service center team is backed by dedicated factory professionals who provide fast order service and technical field support. It’s the way we uphold our pledge to exceed your specifications and provide the best and most advanced service in the life safety industry.

Fire Alarm Equipment Service

All fire alarm equipment (detectors, pull stations, audible and visual signals) are inspected and tested to ensure complete system operation. Our certified technicians are factory trained to inspect and maintain all of our fire alarm systems.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Service

When it comes to life safety, there are no short cuts to quality servicing, maintenance and testing. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from quality extinguisher maintenance and service.

We provide only qualified service technicians to inspect your portable fire extinguishers.
We guarantee quality service that is fully certified for all types of portable extinguishers.

Emergency Lighting and Exit Sign Service

We carry a complete line of exit signs and emergency lighting products.

We offer a wide selection of LED illuminated exits providing energy cost savings and load shedding from your building’s supply.

Replacement lamps, LED retrofit kits or new signs; we have the right product to suit your building requirements and budget.

Restaurant & Kitchen Life Safety Service

We offer a special life safety package for Restaurant owners. We’ll make sure your equipment is in optimal condition and will keep you fully compliant with fire code.

Sprinkler System Service

We are a full service sprinkler company able to design, supply, install, service and inspect all types of sprinkler systems.

Our licensed sprinkler service technicians provide 24 hour emergency service.

Perform inspections as per any of the following: NFPA Codes, Fire Marshall, Local Fire Dept., Insurance Authority, owner’s requirements.

CCTV Service

We offer a full line of CCTV products to meet your security needs.

Add value to your existing CCTV equipment by integrating it with one of our life safety systems.
We can configure camera controls to respond to individual system events.

Intrusion System Service

We offer a full line of security products to meet your security needs.

Fine tune your security application by having Troy Life & Fire Safety, Ltd. adjust device parameters like capture range and viewing angles of PIR motion detectors.

We can expand your security system by adding security devices on the same loop as your existing smoke detectors and pull stations.

Monitoring Services

We can support all of your monitoring needs. Our technicians are fully trained to provide all types of approved monitoring.

We can support all of your monitoring needs. Our technicians are fully trained to provide all types of approved monitoring.

Dial-up, cellular or broadband, we offer the latest solutions in digital technology.

We specialize in monitoring services for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities.

Freezer Warehouse Protection

We specialize in the protection of both refrigerated and dry storage warehouses along with its supporting infrastructure including switchgear, pump rooms and other mission critical areas. We offer both proven methods of freezer fire detection; air sampling and linear heat detection.

Fire Safety Plans

Be prepared and benefit from the peace of mind that comes from knowing your building occupants understand what to do during a fire emergency – this is paramount for the safety and protection of the occupants and property.

Gas Detection

We offer a full line of gas detection products, whether you require a fully engineered gas detection network or a more modest detection solution, we have fully customizable products guaranteed to meet your needs.

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