Submit a Lead

Earn a 2% Finders Fee

Group ICM (formerly Group 2020) is a company that has tried to be the leading pioneer and visionary leader in the industry. We believe in alliances and partnerships are the key to any companies’ success. Although we have a very strong business development team, there is always opportunities that fall through the cracks that we have not known about.

Our lead generation program was set up to give all those owners, Business Development people, Sales, Employees on a site, or anyone the opportunity to submit a lead to us. If this lead turns to work, then the one that submitted the lead will get a 2% finders fee.

Earn a 2% Finders Fee


What types of projects are you looking for?

We are looking for any new projects that you hear about that need funding, maintenance contract work on sites, small or large capital projects in sawmills, mines, oil and gas, chemical, commercial, power plants, terminals, aggregates, green energy, solar, government projects, food process plants, pulp mills, OSB, and more.

What happens when I submit a lead?

This program is secured in the way that you as the submitter will be anonymous to everyone outside the Group ICM (formerly Group 2020) development management. that if we all work together there is more of a reward at the end. This gives you as a submitter to pass the project along to us if your company decides they do not want it or they are just to busy. When you submit the lead you will only have your personal name, email and number. This is a great way to generate some extra income.

Your Project. Our Expertise.