Structural & Piping Fabrication

Our structural steel and piping fabrication facilities in both Maple Ridge, Quebec, Calgary, Nova Scotia, Boyle and Edmonton are the result of years of research, planning and multiple facility visits around the world. Incorporating the most innovative steel and Piping fabrication processes and equipment in North America, including state of the art CNC processing equipment and innovative material management, RFID and GPS tacking, lean manufacturing and ground level innovations, our facilities are able to produce over 15,000 M/T of steel per year and 480,000 weld inches of pipe.

Our LEAN manufacturing shops are optimized at every step allowing materials to move seamlessly through the production process. Aided by state of the art conveyance systems and integrated material handling programming allows for minimal human interaction in material movement.

Services offered are:

    • Pipe line fabrication
    • Vessel fabrication
    • Pipe spool fabrication
    • Conveyor fabrication
    • Alloy and specialty fabrication
    • Structural fabrication
    • Mod Fabrication & assembly

Supported by senior management, workers are empowered to create innovative solutions to any problems. These ideas lead to major efficiency gains, resulting in savings for our clients.

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